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KHAO MO in new context

Posted in 2014_"Khao Mo" in new context, Exhibition/ Artworks by traeht on June 2, 2014


In January 2014, KHAO MO (Mythical Escapism) has been relocated at Park @ Siam, the public park situates between Chulalongkorn University and Siam square in city center of Bangkok, Thailand. The artwork acts differently in different context and surrounding. The green surrounding and the interaction of people provoke the new experiences and appearance. Some times, it looks disappear and reappear again depending on the movement and gaze of the viewer. We are investigating the changing of it and how the artwork would develop in urban context.  The photograph and video will be continuously publish on the website: KHAOMO as part of the work.

Please feel free to visit and experience KHAO MO (Mythical Escapism).

Photograph by : Wison Tungthunya

All images are in courtesy of Sanitas Studio.




Sanitas-KhaoMoSiamSquare-09 copy

Sanitas-KhaoMoSiamSquare-10 copy


Sanitas-KhaoMoSiamSquare-11 copy

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