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Project: Home and Belongings- Home is women

Posted in 2011_Home and Belongings, Exhibition/ Artworks by traeht on March 4, 2011

Date of Exhibition 8 March 2011 ~ 13th March 2011

Address of exhibition : 503-40  Gongreung 1Dong Nowon-Ku, Seoul, South Korea Zip :139-806


two video channels

Sense of home is not only sense of house. Homeless does not mean only people without shelters but the feeling of the unhomely, the uncanny and the unsustainable and broken utopian dreams. These conditions directly link to the mobility of labour and commodities, the flow of capital and the erasure of the specificity of place. This video work is questioning whether “Sense of home” got the Identity ? and explore the form of it. The scenes specifically focus on the traces of being, how the space has been occupied and has been used , which reflect the relationship between the dweller and a home.

The juxtaposition of a daily circle and a life time circle provokes the sense of belonging; the warmth from my grand mom funeral and the domestic household of grand mom’s house, reflected how she had lived her life.